This kitchen garden was created for a Grade II listed Cotswold manor house dating 1850. The home is used by a large family who regularly entertain guests and host parties. The aim was to create not only a functional but charming 'dine-in' kitchen garden with the ability to produce staple crops and specialty vegetables throughout the year for the family's banqueting requirements. The challenge was to allow the entire garden to flow, keeping it consistent and relevant to the curtilage of a house with significant historical importance.

Creativeness is at the heart of the beautifully designed Pre-Prep nursery in Chelsea, London. Inspired by the magical world of children's literature and artistic film makers, we worked closely with the headmaster and architects to take the theme of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for this roof top terrace.


The result was an enchanted pumpkin pergola with growing pumpkins, dinner plate dahlias, mud kitchen, Premier Insect Hotel for bugs and a vertical green wall.


With Ofstead inspections and health and safety an essential factor to this outdoor space, the aim was to create a safe place for 2-5 year olds to develop their gross motor skills, explore nature, get their hands dirty and happily play alongside the bees, butterflies and insects that the flora attracted.

The brief on this compact 12m X 5m awkward and angular garden was to create a private oasis in the heart of busy London. To provide ample space to entertain, for children to play whilst at the same time producing a canvas of soft planting, allowing a safe haven for the many birds, and insects that surround the area.

Wiltshire Garden

Kingsland Pre-Prep Nursery, Chelsea


Planting Design

The aim was to create a diversity of textures, some manicured and flowing, some warm and some cool, yet still providing enough interest to captivate the insects using a subdued number of species in a small space. Blending the cool alabaster with luscious merlot tones creates enough warmth and light to bring the border to life evan in a shady position. Tiny topiary leaves against leathery Asarum europaeum keep green interest throughout the year.